Christian Laettner's Army of Villians

If there's anything that the movie "Unbreakable" taught us (besides the fact that M. Night Shyamalan should've quit while he was ahead) was that every hero needs a villain.   

Hero's a list of Minnesota sports villains.  They ruined the good name of our state, broke our collective hearts or just plan annoyed the heck out of us. 

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  • Christian Laettner (Minnesota Timberwolves): goes without saying doesn't it?  We were all losers in his book.
  • Drew Pearson (Dallas Cowboys): admit it already Drew, you pushed off.  We need closure.
  • Norm Green: stole hockey from the State of Hockey.
  • Herschel Walker (Minnesota Vikings): no offense, but trading for you pretty much screwed the Vikings for a decade
  • Joe Smith (Minnesota Timberwolves): an under the table deal for a role player.  Yikes.
  • Kevin McHale: who knew Minnesota's favorite son could screw up the Wolves so badly?
  • Chuck Knoblauch (Minnesota Twins): we loved you, we hated you, we threw stuff at you.
  • Stephon Marbury (Minnesota Timberwolves): ruined a good thing by wanting out of Minny.
  • Latrell Spreewell: $18 mil over 3 years wasn't enough to "feed his family."
  • Tracy Porter (New Orleans Saints): no one forced him to catch that ill-advised Brett Favre pass
  • Brad Childress (Minnesota Vikings): a sweet mustache is about all he had going
  • NY Yankees baseball team: pick on someone your own size
  • Arby's Good Mood Food Guy:  we used to love Arby' we love it less. 
  • Joe Buck (FOX Broadcasting): his dad would've appreciated Randy Moss' mooning of Green Bay fans
  • Bryant McKinnie (Minnesota Vikings): who knew the only thing bigger than our expectations would be his waistline
  • Jared From Subway: we get it, you were fat and you ate Subway.  You also can't act.  Go away already.
  • Clem Haskins: the basketball camps, the "Play Hard" shorts, the Final Four, the academic scandal...wait what?!
  • Nate Poole (Arizona Cardinals): thanks for the reader suggestion on this one!  Poole was the WR who caught the game winning pass in the 2003 season finale vs the Vikes eliminating them from the playoffs and sending Green Bay instead.  The Pack did the classy thing and invited Poole to their playoff game, presenting him a key to the city...
  • Bud Selig: another reader suggestion (thanks Clutch), MLB commish who tried to contract the Twins while still holding on to his piddling Brewers.  Plus he looks like Death.


  1. What about that guy from the AZ Cardinals who screwed the Vikes in the playoffs one year with that "force-out" catch?

  2. Gotta throw Bud Selig out there. He tried to contract the Twins while holding to his small market Brewers.