Sunday, October 28, 2012

T.R.A.G. Presents The Top 10

Yes, the Tall Random Awkward Guy is back at Shoot That S! and this time he brings with him "The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Find Under Your Couch While Looking For The Remote."  (Drum roll please)

10) A wet Kleenex.

9) A used band-aid.

8) That mouse trap that went off a week ago that you couldn't find.

7) Expired coupons to McDonald's.

6) A collection of toenail clippings.

5) A movie ticket stub to Waterworld.

4) Your Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie card with a new crease down the middle.

3) A love mix CD from your ex-girlfriend.

2) The missing screw to your failed attempt at assembling your TV stand from IKEA of which you eventually returned and spent $200 more on a pre-assembled TV stand.

1) The receipt to your pre-assembled TV stand.

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