Monday, January 13, 2014

Todd Bowles for Vikings Head Coach!

The Minnesota Vikings head coaching search is getting hot and heavy, just like that saxophone playing guy that Elaine dated.  However, we at Shoot That S! have officially called off the search.  We found our guy and gave him the prestigious endorsement that only this web site can offer.  Todd Bowles is the current defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals and will hopefully be coming to a TCF Bank sideline near you.  Full disclosure: we didn't even know what Todd Bowles looked like until 5 minutes ago.  Truth be told we like him in name only.  As in last name. 

Todd.......BOWLES?  Seriously?  This stuff writes itself. 

I wonder if he will coach from the sideline or the press box.  If he switches at halftime would that be called a Bowles movement?

Did you see that presser after the latest Vikes loss - didn't the head coach seem upset?  Maybe a little irritable even? Perhaps he has...irritable Bowles syndrome?

16 carries for AP at halftime?  Boy, coach Bowles really has the runs....

Look at coach Bowles run after that official.....he was really streaking there!

Another pick thrown by Matt Cassel?!  That's really going to upset the Bowles...

The head coach was fired after year two?  Well, time to clean out the ol Bowles...

There you have it.  And to think you read this blog to be enlightened.  Silly you.  

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