Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Advice

As we approach Fantasy Football Draft season, we at Shoot That S! would like to give you advice on how not to be "that guy" at your draft.

1. Show up

The rest of your league is dressed up in their best throw-back jersey, lathered up in Axe body spray, and has a bouquet of cheat sheets ready.  Attempt to show up, and show up on time.  If you are unable to attend, send a cheat sheet with another owner.  Don't stand the rest of the league up.  It's not classy.

2. Don't be a Cheat Sheet Mooch

Bring your own cheat sheet.  Don't show up to the draft and ask another owner to borrow their cheat sheet. Buy a magazine, print one of the internet, or create your own on Excel.

3. Don't be Mel Kiper

"Who in the hell is Mel Kiper, anyway? I mean, here's a guy who criticizes everybody, whoever they take. In my knowledge of him, he's never even put on a jockstrap, he's never been a player, he's never been a coach, he's never been a scout, he's never been an administrator, and all of a sudden, he's an expert. Mel Kiper has no more credentials to do what he's doing than my neighbor, and my neighbor's a postman and he doesn't even have season tickets to the NFL."
- Bill Tobin, Colts

The rest of the league feels the same way about your opinion of their pick.  Don't snicker at everyone else's pick, and praise your own.

4. Don't be constantly surprised.

Don't say "I can't believe this guy dropped to me" every time you pick.  After the draft, don't say "I was able to draft the top 14 guys on my cheat sheet!"

5. Don't use the entire clock

If you are allowed 5 minutes to make a pick, don't use the entire 5 minutes.  Be ready when it's your turn and make your pick.

6. Pay Attention

In 2004, I was taking part in a NBA Fantasy draft.  During this draft, Ilgauskas was drafted about 10 times, even though he had already been taken.  And just when we thought everyone had figured out he was already picked, in about the 13th round, someone yells,"I can't believe he is still available, I am taking Z-Train!"

Be ready to make your pick.  When players get picked, cross their names off your list.  Pay attention. Always be ready with 2-3 players that you like.  If you can't believe in the 15th round that Reggie Wayne hasn't been taken yet, you probably weren't paying attention.

7. Steal of the Draft

You cannot declare anyone who is taken in the first 2 rounds the "Steal of the Draft".  The first 2 rounds should be reserved for the obvious players.  If you did get someone who is a "steal" in the first 2 rounds, than you reached and didn't get good value.

8. Post Draft

Don't look over your roster right after the draft and tell everyone how much you like your team.


Don't run to your league website and create a post predicting how your team is going to make the playoffs.

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  1. Who are you people? It's like you are a bunch of guys who sit around talking fantasy sports and wrestling.