Saturday, May 5, 2012

T.R.A.G. Presents "Tricky Situations"

 Shoot That S! presents guest writer, Tall Random Awkward Guy (T.R.A.G.) and his list of "Tricky Situations."  Let us know if you've had any of these happen to you...

Tricky Situations
Forgetting that after paying for your ticket to see Troy you realize one of your friends isn’t old enough to see it and can’t get in, he drove you but you see it anyways.

Flushing the toilet only to see the water come back up.

Spiders bigger than a quarter.

Eating food for the first time since you threw up after eating it before.

Babysitting something that can’t control its bowels.

Knowing your fly is down during a presentation and having to figure out where to go from there.

Trying to break up with a girl only to date her sister.

Dialing the wrong person and when they pick up trying to come up with a reason you called them.

Eating grapes with a plastic fork.

Spraining your thumb while playing video games and having to finish the level.

Convincing your roommate that street hooligans messed up his bumper after you used his car.

Having an amateur poker player tell you that you won the big pot only to discover that they actually won it.

Having to tell your boss the reason you didn’t get the sale was because you accidentally hit on the prospect.

Watching a movie with your girlfriend and her parents, but forgetting it has a scene of intense love making.

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