Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sports Terms that exist in other states, but not in Minnesota

5 Tool Player (Minnesota Twins): Most Minnesota Twins fans are only aware of a 4 Tool Player (hitting for average, speed, throwing, and fielding).  So you can imagine the confusion among Twin’s fans when 2012 Draft Pick Byron Buxton was described as a 5 tool player.  Wikipedia had its busiest day in Minnesota as Twin’s fan search for the 5th tool.  Minnesotan’s were confused about the phrase “hitting for Power”.

Interception (Minnesota Vikings):
The 2011 Minnesota Vikings went 9 games in without picking off a pass from the opposing teams quarterback.  This broke the previous record held by the 1996 Falcons and 2009 St. Louis Rams.   They finish with a league low 8 “interceptions”.  7 individual NFL players had 6 -7 “interceptions” by themselves.
The Football Dictionary defines interception as “a forward pass caught by the opposition.”  It will come as a shock to many Vikings fans that this is in fact a legal play while on defense.  And no, throwing an interception to the other team isn’t as good as catching the pass yourself.  We know taking things from others doesn’t appeal to our “Minnesota Nice” but until they change the rules the Vikes should probably get on board.

5 Star In-State Recruit – Minnesota Gophers Football and Basketball:
For years Gopher sports fans flipped open their game day program they were treated to player bios that described college majors, family history and Scandanavian upbringing.  So you can imagine the confusion among Gopher fans when they discovered that high school players were actually ranked based on their projected abilities and this ranking was often highlighted and celebrated.  Joel Maturi actually had to hold a press conference to calm the masses saying “we don’t recruit stars, we recruit productive members of society.”  Whew, that was a close one.

1st Pick (Minnesota Timberwolves):
Minnesotans know what the Draft Lottery is, since the Wolves frequent it every summer.  But despite being the worst team in the league often, therefore having the best chance to win the 1st pick, they have never won it.  So when the Magic is drafting Shaq, we are drafting Christian Laetner.  When the Sonics draft Kevin Durant, we draft Corey Brewer.

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