Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Time of the Year

What a great time for sports. With the Gophers winning their first round game of the Big 10 tourney today, the pieces are falling into place nicely for Minnesota sports fans.

Exhibit A: the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kevin Love is putting together all-world numbers, averaging 36.6 and 14.3 over his last three. The T-Wolves are the hottest ticket in town, thanks to JJ Barea's new interpretation of "The Sprain". A little birdie even told us that ratings are sky high over at FSN North - as long as one can stomach Tom Hanneman's asinine one-liners.

"That's the power of Love!!"
"Only Love will keep us alive!!"
"Love me tender!!"
"I believe in a thing called Love!!"
"The look of Love is in your eyes!!"
"All you need is Love!!"
"Tainted Love!!"
"Saving all my Love for you!!"
"A groovy kind of Love!!"
"I'd do anything for Love!!"
"Can't buy me Love!!"
"You can't hurry Love!!"
"Love will keep us together!!"

Minnesota fans are also licking their chops in anticipation of Roger Goodell's fury against the New Orleans 'Taints. Roger surprised many by attending the Vikings' pre-pre-pre-draft party sponsored by Sports Authority, evidenced by this photo we have obtained. On his day off, Roger was seen gallivanting near Lake Calhoun with two devoted readers of Shoot That S. 

Then of course we have March Madness, and the crapshoot that will occur this year....I just lost my train of thought as I am watching Orlando @ Chicago on TNT, and see Scottie Pippen sitting with the Orlando team, literally on their bench. Is he a coach? No, he's dressed in a khaki sport coat. Is that where his season tickets are located? Is he getting paid to share dirt so he can buy more airplanes? Kevin Harlen commented on it. I thought he was bankrupt, can he even afford those seats? What the eff is going on here?!?

Where was I? Yes, March Madness, and then on to baseball season, both real and fantasy. We here at Shoot That S aren't overly optimistic about the Twins this season, though the Glen Perkins extension was a steal, and if you Google "Jamie Carroll", the Twins' shortstop actually comes up one time in the top 10 results, which is more than I initially thought. Until 5 minutes later when you have to go back and edit your post when you realize that he actually spells his name "Jamey Carroll"...

Capping off the spring will be the NFL Draft. Goodell will be making our picks this year, which should help. We here at Shoot That S attempted to get a comment from Matt Kalil, but we may have inadvertently woke him up from his massage...sorry Matt.

Here's to a great next couple of months Minnesota fans!!!

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