Friday, March 16, 2012

Worst Sports Day Ever

(written by a STS writer that just happens to be a Duke basketball, Florida football, and hopeless Minnesota pro sports fan)

What's worse than watching your beloved Duke Blue Devils lay a Lehigh-sized egg in the first round of the NCAA tournament?

How bout remembering that you were too smart to take Duke to the title this year in your bracket so you instead went with Missouri? 

Or realizing that your favorite NBA team is still run by a bunch of knuckleheads who would rather collect the gate revenue from one playoff game (after losing the first two on the road to OKC) than clear future cap space by dumping Luke Rinour?  Yes, Wolves fans our bar is so low that Ridnour and Mike Beasley are assets hard to part with....

"Part with Luke Ridnour?  Methinks not."

But its NFL free agency and hope springs eternal.  So what is your favorite Purple team doing with its $23 million in cap space?  Making a play for a top tier WR or CB?  Nope, instead we're signing guys that didn't even play college football but can run fast.  The whole football thing you can learn on the fly though right?

"You're telling me he didn't play football in college?  Its so crazy it HAS to work!"

Or maybe the worst part of today was reading about how your favorite college football QB turned Denver Bronco is about to have his magical run cut short by horseface John Elway and Peyton Manthing.

Sometimes a guy just can't catch a break....

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