Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kevin Nash: Moments of Greatness

A man who ran a comic book store near my house once famously told me that "Kevin Nash couldn't wrestle himself out of a paper bag."  While his assessment of Nash's in-ring ability was probably spot-on, "Big Sexy" somehow played his massive size and backstage political ability into multiple championships in WWF and WCW.

Perhaps our favorite Kevin Nash moment was the video below from his second run in WWE.  After a 8 month long absence from the ring because of a torn biceps he made his triumphant return on Monday Night Raw to participate in a 10 man tag-team match.  What you are about to see is his first action in the ring, watch closely, it goes quick.  Fitting that this injury occurred while wrestling alongside two wrestlers he once called "vanilla midgets," the late Chris Benoit and Eddy Gurrero.

(Remember, this is the clown who WCW pegged to end Goldberg's "streak.") 


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