Monday, August 13, 2012

Yo Baby Yo Baby....NO!!!

When Paul Neu (cleverly titled "P.N. News") debuted in WCW in 1991, you could tell he was destined for mid-card mediocrity. Evidently the head honchos at Turner thought a swell idea would be to make a "rapmaster" dress not only in a backwards cap and some gold chains, but also some extremely tight-fitting colorful spandex for his 400 lb frame. Yes, if Akeem and Vanilla Ice had a baby, you are looking at him.

To the delight of exactly no one, P.N. would come to the ring rapping. His trademark phrase would be "Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo", which pretty much kept the crowd firmly in their seats. Per Wikipedia, P.N. also "botched his Broken Record finisher during a match against Dave Sheldon, where he splashed Sheldon's knees instead of his torso, effectively ending Sheldon's career". Needless to say, P.N.'s days in WCW were numbered shortly thereafter.

And yet.....when someone with the "ability" of P.N. is paired in a match with Rick Rude, great things can still happen, as evidenced by this clip. Fortunately, Rude intervenes before the trademark phase comes up in the rap. Can't decide what I love more: that P.N. is billed as being from Motown, or his rat-tail.

Here's to you P.N.! You've been inducted into the honorary Shoot That S wrestling junk drawer!

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  1. Wow, that spandex is hideous. Rude still one of the best ever...