Monday, October 31, 2011

Already Over?

What was your favorite Kardashian/Humphries moment?

a) Their honeymoon trip around the world, with stops in Mexico, Monaco, Miami, and Bora Bora?

b) Kim making a heart out of her hands while attending a Nets' game? (The man behind her clearly finds it touching...)

c) The party to celebrate Kourtney's B-day that produced this gem?

d) Humphries' teammates calling him "Kate Middleton" after the wedding?

e) The actual wedding, which displayed Kris Jenner's delightful "bow dress"?

f) The fact that these things lasted longer than the happy couple's marriage?
     Texas Tornado's reign as WWF Intercontinental Champion in the early 90's
     Titanic as #1 movie in America
     OJ's murder trial
     Tim Pawlenty's campaign for president
     Their own engagement
     A bad case of mono
     Summer break

Can't say we saw this one coming...thought it was meant to last.

Sorry Kris.

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