Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 10 Annoying Sports Announcers / Analysts

10) Matt Millen - Here's a good idea. Let's take probably the worst GM in the HISTORY of the NFL and make him an expert for the fans to listen to. Who can forget Drew Stanton, Shaun Cody, Joey Harrington, and Charles Rogers? Oh wait, you probably already had...

9) Tedy Bruschi - A former great on the field who has no business in the studio. Yes we know you played for the Pats. That doesn't give you permission to pick them every week. My friend in Boston could probably make those same picks.

8) Mark Schlereth - Brings excellent insight to the table, such as "the Vikings will win this week and I'll tell you why: Adrian Peterson". Wasn't he one of the dirtier O-Linemen when he played for the Broncos?

7) Todd McShay - A younger Mel Kiper? Yeah, right...

6) Hawk Harrelson - Perhaps the biggest homer in history of homer announcers. I understand that you are on WGN and are broadcasting to a very large city, but I still think I'll choose to turn down the sound so I don't have to hear "grab some bench", and "put it on the board" again anytime soon.

5) Ron Jaworski - Jaws is a guy who clearly knows his X's and O's, but his personality is just off-putting. Doesn't take long into the ESPN broadcast to figure out that he thinks he's smarter than you. John Gruden is worlds better.

4) Stuart Scott - Hard to say anything negative about a guy undergoing cancer treatment. Get healthy, dawg.

3) Michael Cole - Throwing in a wrestling announcer. Yes, his current act is just a gimmick...but it's incredibly stupid. One of many reasons why it's just not as good as it used to be.

2) Steve Young - By this point I'm sounding like a grumpy old man. Steve Young makes his statements in a smug, arrogant way - and he never picks the Vikes (even when they were good).

1) Joe Buck - The most annoying by a long shot. Usually when I watch a game, I expect the play-by-play guy to call what he sees objectively and let the analyst do the actual "analysis". Instead, Buck tries to inundate us with his "expertise" by saying things like "that was just a terrible play". When Randy Moss pretended to moon Packer fans, Buck referred to it as "a disgusting act". Also has said that he "doesn't really watch sports" other than the games he calls.

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  1. I think Joe Buck might actually be a girl. Cust Kayin.