Sunday, October 16, 2011

QB Autobiographies

So, a couple weeks ago I'm walking through a store closing sale at Border's and stumble across a book written by Cleveland Browns QB and former star at the University of Texas, Colt McCoy.  Its called "Growing Up Colt" and I think its actually co-written by his Dad.  Now, this contributor to STS just happens to be a member of the Gator Nation and Tim Tebow apologist so not long ago I had his autobiography, "Through My Eyes."  (The book was so-so.)  This got me thinking, is there some weird pre-requisite that all newly drafted QBs need to pen their memoirs before their 26th birthday?  Or were they simply trying to cash in on their newly minted NFL status?

And then it struck me, if this can work for Tim and Colt why not the many other young NFL QBs looking to establish themselves?  Who better than me to tell their stories?  Well, probably a lot people would be better but that's not important.  I came up with the following list to send to Random House and if they know what's good for them you'll a couple in print in the years to come.

"Take the Money and Run: The Cam Newton Story" by Cam Newton and Gene Chizik.  Foreword by Cecil Newton

"A Thinking Man's Quaterback" by Christian Ponder

"A Ginger's Journey" by Andy Dalton

"I am Legend" by Ryan Mallett

"St Louis has a football team and other things I learned as a rookie in the NFL" by Sam Bradford

"Who the heck is Tony Pike?  Let me tell you" by Tony Pike

"I CAN start in the NFL and other Tall Tales" by Jimmy Clausen, introduction by John Fox

"My Rise to Mediocrity" a memoir by Adam Weber

"You can have your cake and eat it too, along with lots of other food" by JeMarcus Russell

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