Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baseball Names 2012

With the start of the baseball season upon us (I know, it started already with A’s and Mariners in Japan, but officially in the U.S.), we list the funniest names on active 40 man rosters on Opening Day.
All-Inappropriate Joke Team
·         C. Furbush (Seattle)
·         D. Fister (Detroit)
·         K. Fukudome (Chicago White Sox)
·         D. Below (Detroit)
·         N. Adcock (Kansas City)
·         N. Punto (Boston)
·         B. Colon (Oakland)
·         A. Bastardo (Philadelphia)
·         J. Putz (Arizona)
·         Everyone with the last name Johnson
All-Fish Team
·         M. Carp (Seattle)
·         M. Trout (Anaheim)
·         A. Bass (San Diego),
All-Scrabble Team
·         M. Texeira (New York Yankees)
·         A. Alburquerque (Detroit)
·         J. Bourgeois (Kansas City)
·         M. Moustakas (Kansas City)
·         T. Tulowitzki (Colorado)
·         N. Markakis (Baltimore)
·         S. Lombardozzi (Washington)
·         N. Schierholtz (San Francisco)
·          J. Samardzija (Chicago Cubs)
·         M. Rzepczynski (St. Louis)
·         T. Pastornicky  (Atlanta)
·         A. Pierzynski (Chicago White Sox)

All-“The” Team
·         B. LaHair and D. DeJesus – Chicago Cubs: That’s French for “The Hair”  and Spanish for “The Jesus”.  Makes for a very good WWE tag team.  They will fight against…
·         M. DeRosa and A. LaRoache – Washington Nationals: “The Rose” and “The Roach”
·         G. Balfour – (Oakland) A pitcher with the last name Balfour.  What’s next a batter with the last name Strykeout?
·         R. Weeks – (Milwaukee)– Former Milwaukee Bucks PG Todd Day is 1/7th related to him.
·         T. Teagarden (Baltimore), Tony Sipp (Cleveland) – They are very sophisticated.

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