Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basketball and Tacos

While getting up to date on my daily sports news today, I came across these two stories, both involving basketball and "free" tacos:

Story 1:

Univeristy of Florida Senior Guard Earvin Walker was arrested for stealing a $3 taco from a street vendor.

Here are some highlights of the story:

  • ...“I don’t follow sports,” Perez said. “He was just some dude that stole who was very fast.”....
  • “He ordered a $3 sausage taco and then he was like, ‘Do ya’ll take cards?’” Perez said. 
    But before either Perez or Hruska could reply, Walker allegedly took off with the taco and sprinted across Main Street toward Southwest First Avenue.
  • “So I looked at Matt and said, ‘Dang, he just stole that. Should I chase him?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah,’” Perez said.
  • However, when Walker realized he was being followed he tripped and fell, dropping the taco, before heading into a parking lot next to Loosey’s bar at the corner of Southwest First Avenue and Southwest Second Street.
    “Then he ran over there and stopped for a second and he was like, ‘Don’t come at me, man,’” Perez said. “And I was like, ‘I’m not coming at you, I’m going to get a cop and you’re going to jail.’”
  • Walker told police he knew he had not paid for the taco when he initially ran off and that he was “just playing around.”
    “Then, finally, the cops tackled him and arrested him,” Perez said. “And he looked at me and said, ‘Come on man, for $3?’ — like I screwed him.”

Walker shooting a Free Throw, not a Free Taco

Story 2:

Raymond Felton misses Free Throws, Fans miss out on free Chalupas.

  • "With the host Trail Blazers leading the Hornets 99-93 on Thursday with seconds remaining, Portland’s Raymond Felton stepped to the free throw line with a chance to make everyone in the Rose Garden deliriously happy. The win was already in the bag — but if the Blazers topped 100 points, everyone in attendance would get a free Taco Bell Chalupa, per that evening’s team promotion."
  • “Sorry to the fans for the Chalupas,” he said, unprompted. “I was tired, man. I’m not making no excuses but I was dead tired. I tried to put it in there for them. I was done. I was hoping the first one was going to go in.”
    Felton recoiled when asked if perhaps the pressure of the moment was as big of a factor as his fatigue.
    “No, heck no, it wasn’t no pressure for that,” he said, to much laughter. “The game was over with, pretty much. I was just trying to get the Chalupas for them. I’m sorry, fans, I was tired.”

A Chubby Looking Raymond Felton.  I am sure he would appreciate a free Chalupa.

So what is the sports lesson for today?

There are no such things as a free taco.

In related news, my wife is making tacos for dinner tonight.

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