Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Red Rooster

Deep inside the halls of the World Wrestling Federation a conversation took place in 1988 between a young aspiring wrestler named Terry Taylor and Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  We can only speculate that it went something like this. "Terry, you know what the WWF is missing?  What could really take us over the top?  A wrestling chicken."  The mere fact that the young Taylor didn't get up and leave right then and there only proves he himself may have been "half-cocked."  See what I did there?  Nonetheless the Red Rooster was born.

It wasn't all that bad because it did give us this gem of a promo:

What, you mean an interview where you admit that your competition is tough, you get knocked down a lot and you crow like a rooster isn't going to put you over with the fans?  Huh, coulda fooled me.

Surprisingly enough the Red Rooster began his WWF run in 1988 as a heel managed by Bobby Heenan under the gimmick that he was novice wrestler that had to take move by move advice from The Brain.  Of all the aspects of gimmick this actually might have been the most believable.  In 1989 the Rooster dumped Heenan and began a face turn that would lead him to super-stard.......mid-card sta.......jobberville.  A victory over Heenan at Wrestlemania V was the peak of his career as he left the WWF in 1990, had a brief stint in WCW then became an announcer and eventually Director of Talent Relations to TNA wrestling.

We leave you with this Red Rooster/Mr. Perfect match from 1989 including a run-in by another potential Junk Drawer honoree, the Brooklyn Brawler.


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