Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Year Old Men Say the Darndest Things

This week's quote comes courtesy of Men's Basketball at a Local Church.

Background: We play pick-up basketball every Thursday at a local church  It becomes pretty much 3 hours of arguments over the score, guys who have no business being shirtless outside of the bathroom being on the "skins team", hitting your face against a really sweaty guy's body, fist fights, quotes such as "I could've played on my high school team, but (fill in the blank with some out of touch lame excuse), a lot of 3 point shots, cheap fouls, and then we leave with what's left of our dignity...and probably a visit to Urgent Care.

On this night, only one of us from Shoot That S! was able to make it to basketball, so that next day, he emailed us with what we missed.


During the final game (Reacted) drove on Jake and called a foul.  Jake questioned it and (Redacted) said "dude you fouled me like 4 times on my way to the hoop" to which Nick said "get outta here man, you didn't get fouled 4 times."  And I said "doesn't it only take one foul?"  Nick says "yeah but four is crazy."   Jake also said "well I was going for the ball, I wasn't trying to foul you."  I said "are we taking into account people's intentions? Don't most people try not to foul on defense?"

I somehow wound up on a team with (Redacted: Names of really good players) and we pretty much won like 5-6 games in a row (despite my best efforts) but the (Redacted) boys and Nick/Jake didn't want to switch teams.  During one of the more close games Nick hit a couple of threes but we still won.  While everyone was getting water afterwards and doing the usual "good game" to everyone, Nick says "you guys are just lucky that I didn't get the ball one more time."  Classic. 

Feel free to share your Pick-Up Basketabll Stories in the comment section... (funny stories only, please no stories about that one time you went for a triple double and hit the game winning shot.  Stories like that makes you "That Guy.")

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