Monday, June 20, 2011

Willing the Wolves

Ok Wolves fans, the NBA Draft is right around the corner so its time to unite as one mind and channel our inner Charles Xavier to will the Wolves into succeeding on Draft Night.  History shows they need the help.  Here we go, all together now, "Derrick Williams at 2, Marshon Brooks at 20."  "Derrick Williams at 2, Marshon Brooks at 20."
David Kahn, you WILL not trade the pick for crap.

But, wait!  What's this?!  Its Tony Ronzone aka Magneto!  He's using his power of magnetism to trade the #2 overall pick for Marcin Gortat?!  Curses!  Our hopes are dashed again!

Gortat is good!

You win Kahn.  You win.


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