Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 10 Signs You Might Be Taking Fantasy Sports Too Seriously

While we here at STS are avid supporters and proponents of the fantasy sports world, we also understand there's a fine line between passion and obsession.  The following are 10 signs that you might have crossed over to the other side...

  1. You give a toast at your best friend's wedding saying that he got "good value" with his new wife.
  2. You buy a friend's lunch and instead of asking for repayment you ask for one of his prospects.
  3. You try and negotiate with your mechanic by throwing in "a player to be named later."
  4. During confession you mention to the priest your recent veto of a league trade.
  5. You point out to your boss that he "reached" with the hiring of your new co-worker.
  6. You include your Yahoo! Sports profile on your resume.
  7. You get kicked out of your son's tee-ball game after "mock drafting" the players.
  8. You tell your butcher that you prefer your chicken in a "head to head" format.
  9. Tom Brady is listed as your life insurance beneficiary.
  10. You refer to your wife's new pasta recipe as a "must-add."  

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