Thursday, June 30, 2011

PGA Golfer's Errant Shot Saves a Life

Reported by Joe Juliano of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"[Chris Logan, 25,] had his day cut short when a tee shot from Sean O’Hair, one of his favorite players, struck him in the left temple at the 18th hole.
As emergency medical technicians hustled him to a nearby tent to be examined, Logan had no idea this would be the luckiest day of his life.
While checking him out for a concussion, a doctor inquired about a lump just below his throat and urged him to visit his family doctor to get it checked out. The lump turned out to be a malignant tumor on his thyroid. He underwent two surgeries less than six weeks after being struck by the ball."

to read the rest of the story: Philadelphia Inquirer

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