Thursday, June 9, 2011

Email Conversations 6/9/2011

During the work day, we often email back and forth discussing various topics.  We have been doing this for the last 5 years.  We will share some of these conversations weekly.  To protect our identities, we will change their names to the lead characters from Shanghai Noon.

Background: "Roy O'Bannon" and "Chon Wang" are Minnesota Timberwolves fans discussing the upcoming NBA draft and a trade rumor that ESPN Analyst Chris Broussard posted on his Twitter Account.  "Roy O'Bannon"  is also a University of Florida fan, and although he never attended the University or lived in Florida, refers to them as "we".  These emails are being exchange during the work day, as their companies are struggling and losing money in this bad economy.


"Roy O'Bannon"
Any truth to the Wolves rumor with the Cavs and Pistons for the #2 pick?  I wonder what we would get...

"Chon Wang"
Not sure, but its been shot down.  Broussard came up with it, but two other ESPN writers said no legs.  Wolves get 4 (Cavs) and 8 (Pistons), Pistons dump Hamilton’s contract on the Cavs, and Cavs get #2.  They take Irving and Williams.

"Roy O'Bannon"
Ah, I see.  Yeah I don't see how that would do much for us.  More 1st rd picks to screw up.

You see the Wolves had Chandler Parsons in as part of the group workout?   Yup.  How many 2nd rd picks do we have this year?

"Chon Wang"
Parsons will be in Russia hanging out with Chris Richard, Nick Calathes, Humphries, The stupid guy with the corn rows who shoots a lot, the other little guy who shoots a lot, Matt Walsh, and other Florida flameouts.

"Roy O'Bannon"
Haha.  You mean Walter Hodge, #15 in your programs but #1 one in your heart?

The Gators signed a really good SG for next year, Brad Beal I think his name is.  He's supposedly the top SG in the nation.  Between him and Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton there won't be enough shots to go around.  Hopefully they don't have any big guys who want to score...

Oh yeah, and I'm sure Beal will go pro after a great season and the Wolves won't have the chance to draft him because the Clippers will have our pick. 

"Chon Wang"
Walter Hodge is an clown.  You play with 3 NBA first round picks, but you come in and just start chucking.  He belongs at the YMCA.

There will be 10 players better than Beal.  Brad Beal, sounds like a white guy.  But I bet he is not.

"Roy O'Bannon"
You are correct in that he is not white but I thought so too.

"Chon Wang"
Pat Chung

Tune in later for more Email Conversations....

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