Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Names: Current Baseball Players Edition

Minus the obvious – Milton Bradley and Coco Crisp

Darwin Barney, 2B, Chicago Cubs – He obviously doesn’t believe in Creationism

Grant Balfour, P,  Oakland A’s – I wouldn’t want him pitching with a 3–2 count.

Josh Beckett, P,  Boston Red Sox – He will strike you out and than tell you how much your Rookie Card is worth.

Phil Coke, P, Detroit Tigers – He loves Pepsi products.

Gookie Dawkins, SS, Cincinnati Reds – Don’t yell his name out loud in China Town.

Reegie Corona, 2B, New York Yankees – This is a guy you would want to party with.

Kosuke Fukudome, RF, Chicago Cubs – He hates the place where the Twins used to play. 

Robby Hammock
, C, Arizona Diamondbacks

Will Rhymes , 2B, Detroit Tigers

Kevin Slowey , P, Minnesota Twins – A pitcher name Slowey.

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